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Carport Installation Quote Request In South Africa

At Carport Installation South Africa we make Your life easier. Are you looking to upgrade your house value or did you recently buy a house that doesn’t have a garage and you are a bit tight on cash? No problem, just fill out the contact form by clicking on the “get a quote” button to be directed to the next page. Tell us the problem and receive your quote within 3-5 working days.

Gable Carport

Too busy to clean your carport’s roof? No problem. Unlike a flat roof carport, a gable roof carport more easily sheds water and debris, making it an excellent choice if you’re living in an area with heavier rain. Since the roof of this carport has a steep pitch, water and other elements drain more easily and are less likely to pool on the surface. 

Flat Roof Carport

If you are tight on budget, a flat roof carport is good for you. This type of roof is easy to construct and require less material, which help to reduce the installation cost. With its ease of installation, it is safe to say that flat roof carports are quick to install and 99% is installed in one day. They are also very convenient and easy to customise.


Dutch gable Carport

Looking for the perfect carport to match your modern house design? Dutch gable carports are cost-effective, classy carports perfectly suited to contemporary homes. If you’re looking for a carport that both protects your car and gives your property a sophisticated look, this one’s for you. a Dutch gable carport makes your property stand out.

Carports with storage

These are very detailed plans to help you build a single carport with a storage section.
Not only will this protect your car, but it will also give you an additional place to store anything you might need. These carport plans look like a nice addition to any home. You can also customize this plans to fit in one to three cars according to your needs.


The Solar Carport

This carport is meant for inspiration. I think most of us would agree that it is a unique carport.
So this carport can be made as large or small as you like, but the cool thing is it can also help you be self-sufficient as the roof is meant to hold your solar panels.


RV Carport

I can only hope that I’ll need one of these one day, but for those of you that are fortunate enough to need one, here it is.So if you haven’t already guessed, it is an extra tall carport that is meant to hold and protect your RV. It can also have additional storage space as well.

The Regal Carport

This carport looks rather fancy. It has the nice décor at the top of it, and it also is constructed from wood and brick, which is a nice addition.
So if you’d like a carport that looks a little fancier and more sophisticated than most, then you’ll definitely want to check this one out.


The Pole Barn Carport

This carport is basically pole barn with an additional storage space in the back. Most will really like this design because it will fit in around most homesteads or country properties. It has room for multiple cars and additional storage too. This is a great addition to any farm owner.


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